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Elite is a one-stop full suite translation service provider specializing in the management of marketing communication translation and technical language translation. In Australia, ttranslation service providers that are able to handle these two types of documents are by far few and rare. Elite will definitely be an invaluable translation service partner that you can count on.


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Major Asian Foreign Languages Translation



Our group of language talents are versatile and well skilled to handle any type of translation projects that may require that perfect touch. Your documents are in good hands of our team of professional translators working in their mother tongue and are currently natives in the countries where the languages are spoken.


Our wide range of language translation capabilities offered at affordable rates would most certainly fulfill your communication needs. The languages we can translate to and from are:


English | Simplified Chinese | Traditional Chinese | Japanese | Korean | Bahasa Melayu / Malay | Bahasa Indonesia | Thai | Tagalog | Vietnamese | Arabic | Tamil


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Marketing Communication Translation


In the area of marketing communication translation, the translation service Elite provides assures our clients that the message that is translated does not in anyway deviate from the original source document. In retaining the essences of the marketing message, care is also taken in the translated text by making sure that it remains fluently articulated. When necessary, we also invest due diligence in creating the emotional language required to meet the objective of soliciting an intended emotional response from the reader.


It is imperative that the translator is equipped with an in-depth understanding of the target audience's cultural background, a keen sense of observation and up-to-date market trends. In doing so, the translator can maximize the impact of the marketing communication as intended.


Technical Translation

(Financial - Legal - Technical - Medical)


In carrying out technical translation, we spare no effort in making sure that the translated document retains its essence and is accurate in the terminology used. The essence of the text is not to deviate or appear to be long-winded compared with the original source document and the terminology used is required to be accurate with considerable amounts of research done pre-translation.


In providing such technical translation service, our translators are required to have full understanding of the technical terminology and must fully understand the technical context of the translation project. It is through this that they can make sure the translated document remains accurate even down to the punctuation used, which is especially important for legal documents.


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