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In an age where the China factor is fast becoming increasingly significant, it makes business sense to use English to Chinese translation services and incorporate the Chinese language in major corporate and marketing communications, especially when companies' target markets are Asian communities with a sizable English and Chinese reading population.


Like many of our clients, your company too can benefit from reaching out directly to these markets by breaking the language barrier and wielding the slight edge with well-crafted English Chinese communication materials. Communicating to the immense Chinese population in their familiar tongue certainly would be an added advantage for any corporation.


If that bilingual touch is in your strategic planning, Elite is the one-stop solution for your English to Chinese translation needs.


General Information


Company Name: Elite Asia Pte. Ltd

Company Registration Number: 200811981E

Incorporated in the Republic of Singapore


Management Team


Hong Yin Yin, Managing Director

Michael Kuan, Marketing Director

Kathy Xia, Operation Manager


Support Staff


Nory Mondares, Marketing Executive


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